CorrecTek, Inc. was established in 2006 understanding the need for correctional specific EHR to provide innovative medical technology aimed at increasing efficiencies, while reducing liability in correctional medicine. Drawing from years of medical technology and software development experience, CorrecTek, Inc. provides the most comprehensive correctional EHR products on the market. Serving county jails, prisons and juvenile detention centers, CorrecTek, Inc. is the National Leader in Correctional EHR.

Correctional healthcare and technology are constantly evolving. At CorrecTek, Inc. we not only recognize this, we embrace it. We’ve created new markets, with new thinking and strategies that embrace change. When you engage with CorrecTek, Inc. an individual solution is tailored for your needs.

Your friends at CorrecTek, Inc. know from experience that every correctional organization is unique. The documentation needs, protocol, and reporting requirements of one facility are not identical to another.  The successful EHR solution addresses site-specific needs, allows for growth and change in medical documentation requirements, and remains on the forefront of technology.

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We are an innovative team of software visionaries, evangelists and virtuosos relentlessly committed to the rapid execution of rock-solid information solutions; each solution uniquely tailored to meet and exceed each customer’s expectation of success, prosperity and joy of their on-going commitment to the business and practice of medicine.

We commit to exceed what anyone expects of us today, and do it even better tomorrow.

CorrecTek EHR products are in use across the country in a variety of settings:

  • County Jails
  • Department of Corrections (DOC) Prison Systems
  • Juvenile Correctional Environments
  • Privatized Correctional Facilities and Correctional Healthcare Companies

CorrecTek Statement on the Corizon v. CorrecTek Lawsuit:

On March 21, 2016, Corizon filed a lawsuit against CorrecTek for alleged failures and misrepresentations related to a CorrecTek EHR implementation at a 300 bed women’s prison in Pocatello, Idaho.

On October 7, 2017 Corizon amended the original complaint by expanding on it and correcting errors made by Corizon in the original complaint (for example – originally claiming that CorrecTek’s President Dan Jarrett made fraudulent statements at a key presentation to the Idaho DOC when in fact Mr. Jarrett was not in attendance at that presentation).

CorrecTek categorically denies every accusation made by Corizon in the original complaint and in the amended complaint.

As is often the case in a legal dispute, a compromise settlement is a better and cheaper alternative than incurring the legal costs of a resolution by an actual trial. So, on July 10, 2018, at the advice of CorrecTek’s legal counsel, Corizon and CorrecTek agreed to settle this legal dispute with no admission of fault by CorrecTek.

Prior to this lawsuit, the CorrecTek EHR was successfully implemented in multiple jails and one state-wide DOC under contract for healthcare services with Corizon. During and after the lawsuit, Corizon continued to use the CorrecTek EHR in those facilities. Furthermore, after the filing of the lawsuit by Corizon, the CorrecTek EHR was again successfully implemented at multiple, new, correctional organizations under contract to Corizon for healthcare services.

As of today, Corizon continues to use the CorrecTek EHR in multiple jails and one state-wide DOC.

Apart from Corizon, the CorrecTek EHR is in use at over 100 county, city, state, and private correctional organizations that range in size from under 100 beds to over 10,000 beds.

The decision by Corizon to terminate the use of CorrecTek at Pocatello, Idaho is the only time that a CorrecTek implementation has been halted by a client due to an alleged failure of CorrecTek.

It should also be known that as part of this lawsuit, in addition to suing CorrecTek, Corizon also sued three principal officers personally for alleged fraud. Those officers were Burton Ulrich, CEO, Dan Jarrett, President, and Matt Wurth, CTO. These three individuals categorically deny that any fraudulent claims were made by them (either as individuals or speaking on behalf of CorrecTek) to Corizon or to the Idaho DOC.

CorrecTek, its officers, and its employees operate at the highest legal and ethical standards. CorrecTek stands behind every statement made to Corizon, and to the Idaho DOC. In addition, CorrecTek stands behind every action taken by its employees during the implementation of the CorrecTek EHR in Pocatello, Idaho.

The U.S. Department of Justice said CorrecTek is limitless in the way we can use it to improve our medical service delivery.

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Whether it is 4am or 4pm, CorrecTek’s staff is always ready to help. Their support and implementation team are first class all the way.

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