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CorrecTek Spark
CorrecTek Spark is the upgrade path from CorrecTek 2014.
Interactive dashboard, streamlined workflows, free online Electronic Learning library and full backwards compatibility with CorrecTek 2014.
Early Adapters have been enthusiastic about the ease-of-use and power of CorrecTek Spark.
CorrecTek Advantage Program
Unlimited configuration and unlimited training* at no additional charge.
With the CorrecTek Advantage Program, no more unexpected costs or surprises when a new template, report or workflow is needed.
*Training, if on-site, will incur travel surcharges.
CorrecTek Account Manager
Do you wish you had someone at CorrecTek who was aware of your current workflow and the detailed processes at your facility?
CorrecTek Account Managers proactively monitor CorrecTek use and participate in staff meetings by phone.
Account managers also keep the facility informed of upcoming software enhancements and manage CorrecTek related projects.
CorrecTek HUB


Does your facility transfer inmates to/from another correctional facility?
The CorrecTek HUB allows medical records to be shared quickly and securely with authorized partner facilities.

Deep Dives on the CorrecTek EHR…


Why use an EHR or EMR in your correctional facility?

An Electronic Health Records (EHR) system, or as it is sometimes known, an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system, is a computer-based system used to store patient medical records as opposed to using paper charts to track patient medical history.

The healthcare industry has been one of the last industries in the U.S. to move…

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Why the CorrecTek EHR versus the Competition?

Assuming your correctional organization has made the decision to acquire an EHR, why should you consider the CorrecTek EHR over the competitors’ EHR’s on the market?

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Accountability vs. Accessibility

Every organization strives for accountability and compliance.

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A lot of people like to shop at a Wal-Mart Supercenter. With one trip you can pick up bananas, cat food, motor oil, a pair of needle nose pliers, a case of Diet Coke, tube socks, mayonnaise, and a large jar of dill pickles. This is one-stop-shopping at its finest, and nearly everyone loves one-stop shopping.

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Small Jails

Does a small jail have the same need for an EHR that a larger jail would have?

The answer is not only, yes, but perhaps, yes and then some.

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CorrecTek Spark Configuration Management and Compliance

With the CorrecTek EHR, the correctional organization has the ability to review, test, and authorize-for-use, all configurable items. Configurable items include but are not limited to Departments, Users, Workflows, Documentation Protocols/Processes, Forms, Order Definitions, Report Definitions, and Referral Types.

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CorrecTek Spark Multi-Agency Support

The CorrecTek EHR has the ability to track the “agency” associated with a particular patient stored in the CorrecTek database. For example, if the patient is an ICE detainee, the CorrecTek EHR can track that association as well as all medical records created during the existence of that association.

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The Request for Proprosal (RFP) Process

– Respectful Suggestions from CorrecTek

At CorrecTek, we have participated in the RFP selection process for an EHR hundreds of times. The following advice is based on our experience. We have seen good RFP’s and bad RFP’s. A poor RFP, and/or RFP process, has the potential to deny the correctional organization the ability to make an informed decision based on the complete picture. We share this experience to offer our perspective on what can make for a good or poor RFP process. Of course, you may view it differently.

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Hidden Costs – You Get What You Pay For (and sometimes even less)

In your process of considering various competing EHR vendors, you have, of course, reached out for quotes from those vendors. Naturally, every vendor’s price is different, and you may be unclear as to the deliverables being proposed by each vendor and if there are in fact, any hidden costs in the vendor proposals.

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For More Information…

Contact the CorrecTek Sales Team at 866-438-3671 or

CorrecTek, Inc. provides robust, complete, correctional-specific solutions along with a proven, full-service implementation methodology. Coupled with 24/7 live technical support and ongoing service after the sale, CorrecTek, Inc. is the EHR provider of choice. Eliminate the problems of paper charts, and better meet the needs of ICE by modernizing your facility around the CorrecTek Spark EHR. To see how CorrecTek Spark allows users to see it all and do it all together in one place, please click the link:  See It All, Do It All

CorrecTek EHR for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

Housing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainees introduces unique requirements within a correctional facility.

We have several private and government facilities using the CorrecTek Spark EHR to manage healthcare documentation for ICE detainees. For those customers, we have incorporated ICE-specific documentation needs within CorrecTek Spark and can do the same for you.

The CorrecTek Spark Electronic Health Records (EHR) system can enhance your ability to meet ICE-specific requirements for medical, dental, and behavioral health services.

You can eliminate the problems of paper charts, and better meet the needs of ICE, by modernizing your facility around the CorrecTek Spark EHR. For more information contact Christa Sullivan, National Accounts Manager, 866-438-3671, extension 235, or email

CorrecTek ‘Express’ Implementation Model

CorrecTek has traditionally offered a full-service implementation model for transitioning a correctional facility to the CorrecTek EHR.  While this approach has proven to be overwhelmingly successful, for some potential customers it has been cost prohibitive.

To allow price-sensitive customers a path to acquiring the latest CorrecTek EHR, the CorrecTek Spark system, we are excited to announce a new implementation model: CorrecTek “Express”. With the “Express” implementation model, the customer can assume most, if not all, aspects of the implementation thereby saving the cost of implementation fees. For example, using the “Express” model, a 150 bed jail could implement CorrecTek Spark for as low as $650/month with a one-year lease commitment.

Same great CorrecTek Spark EHR as always, but now affordable for smaller, price-sensitive facilities. For more information contact Christa Sullivan, National Accounts Manager, 866-438-3671, extension 235, or email

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Since 2006, CorrecTek, Inc. has delivered innovative medical technology aimed at increasing efficiencies while reducing liability in correctional medicine. Our correctional-specific electronic health records (EHR) solutions are configurable, effective, and affordable.

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CorrecTek, Inc. provides correctional EHR solutions for medication administration, documentation, medical orders, reporting, protocol and much more. CorrecTek’s EHR software solutions are the most comprehensive on the market.

We are extremely pleased with the system! We quickly realized what a benefit it is to our department. No searching for paper charts, no searching for records. It’s all available in real time!

Health Service Administrator

800 bed facility - Central South Carolina

After implementing CorrecTek we saw a 20% reduction in our total healthcare expenses.


Correctional Healthcare Company - 800 bed facility - Central, Tennessee

Whether you’re a 200 bed jail, 1000 bed jail, 3500 bed multi-site facility or a national healthcare company, CorrecTek has a solution for you. Their flexible payment options work well within any budget.

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600 Bed Jail - Central Texas

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