Correctional Vendors

Pharmacy – Lab – Commissary – Radiology – OMS/JMS-HIE

Over the last decade, CorrecTek, Inc. has worked with countless correctional vendors. CorrecTek EHR solutions regularly interface with the most common service providers. The end result? Seamless workflow, increased efficiency, and overall positive experiences for end users.

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Correctional Healthcare Companies

Let our experience work for you.

CorrecTek, Inc. provides EHR solutions for Correctional Healthcare Companies across the country. With CorrecTek, your company can:

  • Enforce workflow and protocol in a single site or across multiple sites
  • Report on a single site or across multiple sites
  • Monitor employee productivityand ensure there is no workplace accident ; enforce accountability
  • Reduce legal liability
  • Improve patient care
  • Eliminate redundant paper-based tasks; save time
  • Increase efficiency, maximize communication

Did you know that CorrecTek, Inc. also offers private-labeled EHR software solutions for your organization?

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Thank you very much.  We are pleased with all of the communication and affirmations from you and your team.  I feel confident that configuration of our software will be thorough with all of your help.

Health Services Administrator

County Jail - Central California

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