Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

We often receive similar questions from each client. This section provides answers to these – and other – frequently asked questions (FAQs). Find answers to questions by selecting a topic below.

How can I change the password?
For security purposes, the CorrecTek helpdesk will not alter any password for an end user.

  • Changes to CorrecTek passwords must be made by an on-site administrator.
  • Changes to other passwords (such as Windows, websites, hosting applications) should be directed to the appropriate party such as the facility’s local IT, hosting vendor or other vendor(s).

If you are an administrator and need guidance on how to change a user’s password, please click here: Changing a Password

Can I make changes to a (report, template, workflow, etc.)?
All requests for changes to database configuration including (but not limited to) reports, templates, administration patterns, documents and dictionaries must be approved by an on-site administrator. Requests for database configuration changes must be submitted to the CorrecTek helpdesk by an administrator.
What if I am experiencing Hardware issues (printer, scanner, barcode reader, etc.)?
Any issues with hardware including (but not limited to) printers, scanners, barcode readers, signature pads and fingerprint readers should be directed to the facility’s IT.
What if I need general assistance with the system?
If you need assistance from the CorrecTek helpdesk regarding a specific entry on a patient, please do not make any changes to the item (order, prescription, encounter, etc.) until you have received a response from a CorrecTek Client Services team member.
My Question/Concern is not listed
If you haven’t located the answer to your question/concern, please click the link below to review our extensive eLearning library for further assistance and general guidance on navigating the system.

Electronic Learning (eLearning)

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