CorrecTek Spark: See It All, Do It All

See It All…

9 Patients waiting to see a nurse.

3 Patients need a PPD plant or read.

39 Tasks are waiting for the Nursing Department.

3 Labs need to be drawn.

  • Medical, dental and mental health staff can easily see what needs to be done.

  • Red and yellow numbers are pending task counts.

  • Numbers in white are completed task counts.

  • Button colors can be used to convey urgency.

Do It All…

Step 1:  Press a Button

Step 2:  Pick a Patient

Step 3:  Click Answers

Click a Button
Click a Patient
Click Answers

CorrecTek Spark guides the user through the documentation process.  It’s that easy.

Please click this link for an overview of how to use the CorrecTek Spark EHR system.

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